Trinity Dizign Mitchell River Victoria

This visual imagery of the Mitchell River represents everything about me as an artist, a daughter and an Australian.

As an artist I have always been drawn to the natural beauty of a landscape. To me itʼs not just a photo of the landscape but the connection we have with it, the almost spiritual nature and the art in capturing its essence. My purpose is to get the viewer to feel something, not just see something.

Artistic Expression: Mystic Mitchell River by Janette Mitchell

My Dad had always jested that we had some ancestry claim to the Mitchell River just because of its name. I think he just liked the idea. 

I often wondered what it would have been like to have a father who had plenty of time for me. I would have loved to go camping and fishing with him when he was alive. Now I go camping at the Mitchell River National Park and I bring him in my heart. This river is a lot like my father, not very clear or transparent, more muddy and murky. Very fast moving with little time to be still, in places a bit scary with its violent rapids of cascading energy in multiple forward directions. Yet in the rare soft flowing bend of the river it becomes quiet and tranquil without a hint of what came before it or what is yet to come.  

This place like many Australian landscapes energizes my passion as an artist with an unknown spiritual connection. I feel more at home and alive lost in the bush, something the city does not do for me even though I’m a city girl born and bred, my heart lies with the rolling blue mountains of the Australian landscape. A harsh and unforgiving climate that produces stunning natural landscapes of breathtaking beauty. 

The Mystic Mitchell River images are a representation of all of these things. In the early hours of Father’s Day, I took these shots and was reminded of the in-between spaces of reality. This is my interpretation of the after world; the fog divides me from the reality of dawn.

The trees are merely shadows of a different consciousness. This is where my Dad resides, this is where I sit by the river and have conversations with him.  

Trinity Dizign Mitchell River Victoria