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Nette (Janette) Mitchell

Hi, my name is Nette and I am the creator at

Trinity Design Studio.


Back in 2006 I developed my business, Trinity Photography  which soon developed into much more. Now with Graphic Design, Photography, and Advertising/communication, it has become Trinity Design Studio. 

I have been passionate about visual communication, Photography and design ever since I can remember. I first studied Visual Arts/Photography at Charles Sturt University back in the early 1990's. My hunger for learning new ways of doing things or seeing the world hasn't stopped. I went on to graduate from the Academy of Design with a Bachelor of Communication in Advertising/Graphic Design in 2014. 

I am now doing a Master of Communication - Visual Design at Deakin University. 

So, that's all the qualifications out of the way. :-)

About me, well I moved my family from Melbourne to the majestic hills of  the Alpine Shire, North East of Victoria back in 2015 and I have never looked back. I love the country life and our community.

Trinity Design Studio is an artistic business where  photography, advertising & graphic design come together. Printed photos, graphic designed cards & merchandise can be purchased from this site and current/past Exhibitions.


Go Local Magazine Winter

Volume 4, 2017


Go Local Magazine Autumn

Volume 3, 2017

Melbourne Street Life

2013 by Nette Mitchell




Solo Exhibition - Mountains Near & Far
Tatanka Gardens

Eurobin Vic 
March 26th - May 10th, 2021


Collective Exhibition - Winter

Bright Art Gallery

Bright Victoria 
June - August, 2021

Solo Exhibition

Bright Art Gallery

Bright Victoria 

September 25th - November 6th, 2021

Solo Exhibition

Bright Art Gallery

Bright Victoria 

December 1st - January 7th 2022


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Located in the Alpine Shire,

North East, Victoria