About Trinity

Hi, my name is Nette and I am the director of Trinity Design Advertising, Trinity Photography Design and Nette Designs.

Back in 2006 I developed my business, Trinity Photography which soon became Trinity Design. This is a Full-Time business of which I work solely in.

I have been passionate about visual communication ever since I can remember. I first studied Visual Arts/Photography at Charles Sturt University back in the early 1990's. My hunger for learning new ways of doing things or seeing the world hasn't stopped. I went on to graduate from the Academy of Design with a Bachelor of Communication in Advertising/Graphic Design.

I am now doing my Master of Communication - Visual Comms at Deakin University. 

So, that's all the qualifications out of the way. :-)

About me, well I moved my family from Melbourne to the majestic hills of Bright, nestled in the Alpine Shire, North East of Victoria back in 2015 and I have never looked back. I love the country life and our community.

Trinity design offers a range of Digital and Print services with designs that are uniquely drawn and designed by myself with a great deal of research and psychological underlining meaning.

Send me an email or call and lets catch up and discuss your next project.

PO Box 361 Bright Victoria 3741

Email: create@trinitydesign.com.au

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